Hello there, and welcome to my literacy narrative. There may be those of you out there who are wondering exactly what that means. A narrative may give you a clue that I am about to tell you a story. But what is the definition of literacy? And why does it matter?

I am a student at Arizona State University, about to complete my four years and graduate with a degree in English. I am also a writing fellow through the school, which allows me to lend a hand to fellow students and read a multitude of works by them. I am making connections and providing feedback along the way. This literacy narrative ties into this, because it is part of the internship component of my job. We have done several assignments and composed journal entries along the way, all of which have led up to this point: the Digital Literacy Narrative.

Literacy is, simply put, the ability to read and write. The importance of literacy, however, can not be stressed enough. Surely, we have all had the idea drilled into our heads that being competent in such areas will aid us in the future. And I wholeheartedly agree. As you’ll see as you go through this webpage, literacy has played a big role in my life. It is what encouraged me to make certain choices. It has given me opportunities.

The “digital” factor comes in with my use of this blog. This blog is my¬†multimodal¬†component; a creative tool if you will. Multimodal is a fancy term for saying several different modes; i.e., I am using the blog to incorporate pictures and other forms of literacy that are not traditionally the written word.

I hope that this encourages you to think about your own literacy narrative: what role has reading and writing had in your life? What things did you learn? What experiences did you have? It is so important to think about our stories, and yet, I feel like we often do not. I myself find that I stick to the world of fiction, but this project has really allowed me to take a look inward to reflect on the significance of this major aspect of my life. Enjoy.